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The first robotic autisim therapy designed for the home, school and clinics.

The Movia System was designed over a seven year research period in collaboration with leading universities, robotics companies, doctors and special education teachers around children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our “out of the box” product uses a robot to deliver custom-designed curriculum and tracks the child’s progress. Our curriculum bank is always growing and is designed to improve a child’s social communication skills, the ability to interact effectively with their peers and finally to regulate their own emotions and behavior. These skills are chosen to help them to be more successful in their day to day interactions and to improve their long-term quality of life.

After years of research and design, Movia Robotics is proud to announce the first robot delivered autism therapy for the home, school and clinics. With proven effectiveness, our robots deliver hundreds of ABA therapies and curriculums dedicated to increasing social communication, behavioral, and academic skills. Our mission, is to enable children with special needs and special abilities to reach their full potential in life.
The Movia system:   Increases effectiveness therapies and interventions.   Has proven extremely high levels of engagement month over month.   Is low cost and easy to use.



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